Frame Systems - QTS Wizard

The Quick Tension Frame (a.k.a the Wizard Frame) System consists of two frames and a stencil. The first frame is a plastic Container Frame (Patent Pending) which protects the technician from injuries during  handling from the stencil's razor sharp edges. The stencil is always contained in a molded plastic Container Frame that reduces the chance for damaging the stencil during shipping and handling. The Wizard Frame System not only offers cost savings over traditional meshed frames but it also saves stencil storage space. The second frame, (The Wizard) is a lightweight aluminum stretch frame, which accepts the Plastic Frame with the stencil and tensions the stencil in four directions using standard air at 80psi.


  • Significant Cost Savings
  • Larger printing image area
  • Reduced storage space requirements by 50%
  • Shortens delivery time
  • No need to return aluminum frames

Available Sizes:

BlueRing Stencils offers The Wizard Frame in a 20" x 20" frame size to replace standard 
20" x 20" cast and tubular frames.