Frame Systems - Space Saver

New Space Saver Frames reduce storage requirements while maintaining traditional stencil mounting techniques. This system consists of two parts. The first part is the "Adapter" which is 29" x 29" O.D. x 1" high. The "Adapter" is required for each printer. The second part is the "Space Saver Frame". The "Space Saver Frame" is 29" x 29" O.D. x 0.5" high.

This frame is designed to be stretched with polyester mesh to provide a flexible mounting platform for stainless steel stencils. The "Space Saver Frame" is attached to the "Adapter" using pins that are permanently captured in the "Adapter". Bushings pressed into the "Space Saver Frame” receive the pins and prevent the assembly from shifting while being installed in the printer.

This system effectively reduces storage space from 1 ½ " per stencil to only ½" per stencil. Three frames will fit in the traditional space of one. It eliminates the problems associated
with shipping bare stencil foils that can be damaged in shipment or can cause finger cuts while attaching to "Frameless" systems. Finally, because of the strength of the "Space Saver Frame", there is no concern of damage during stencil cleaning.

Available Sizes:

BlueRing Stencils offers the Space Saver Frame to replace the standard 29" x 29" x 1.5" tubular frames.  The 20" x 20" and Fuji 4000 versions are available as well.