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Genius 1-EL


The GENIUS 1-EL Elevator is used when an elevation or transfer angle change is required in a production line. The unit is typically used before and after a wave solder machine. The elevator uses a servo motor actuated guided slide assembly to accurately change elevations or transfer angles.

• Motorized controlled lift motion
• In/out position can be selected at time of order (min 300 mm to 950 mm)
• Motorized conveyor width adjust system
• Receive down line SMEMA inhibit signal
• SMEMA compatible
• ESD hinged cover with safety interlock

Module specification
Length 600 mm
Height Depending on stroke height
Width 1000 mm
Color RAL 9016
Air pressure 5 bar (72.5 psi)

PCB Dimensions
Board length 75 - 508 mm (3” - 20”)
Board Width 50 - 460 mm (2” - 18”)
Board thickness 0.6 - 6 mm

PCB handling
Transport system Antistatic edge belts
Transport height 953 ±50 mm
Transport direction Left to right (reverse flow as option)
Width adjustment Motorized with adjust system
Conveyor speed Max 15 m/min adjustable

Wave exit platform

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