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Genius 1-LX

Laser Marker

The GENIUS 1-LX Laser marker is used in applications where products need an identification mark for tracking or recognition. The laser cell can mark on all types of nonmetallic surfaces including plastic and FR4 PC board. The key feature for laser marking is that the mark is permanent and consumable costs are low.

• Welded frame design with class 1 safety covers

Laser head
• 30 watt CO² laser marker
• Suitable for marking most PCB types
• Marking field of 460×508.1 mm
• Software adjustable Z-axis focus height of ±21 mm

Edge belt
• For board transport
• ESD safe edge belts with automatic width adjust system

• Pneumatically actuated board stop and locate system
• PC based control system
• 17” LCD monitor
• Programmable laser marking position
• Ready 100 mm connection to external vacuum system (not included)
• CE compliance

Internal inverter for dual sided marking

Module specification
Length 800 mm
Height 1537 mm
Width 1110 mm
Color RAL 9016
Marking size 508.1×460 mm (20”×18”)
Air pressure 5 bar (72.5 psi)

PCB dimensions
Board length 75 - 508 mm (3” - 20”)
Board Width 50 - 460 mm (2” - 18”)
Board thickness 0.6 - 6 mm

PCB handling
Transport system Antistatic edge belts
Transport height 953 ±50 mm
Transport direction Left to right (reverse flow as option)
Width adjustment Motorized width adjust
Conveyor speed Max 15 m/min adjustable


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