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Genius 1-SG

Shuttle Gate

The GENIUS 1-SG Shuttle gate is used to form an aisle in a production line. The motorized controlled shuttle gate receives boards from the upstream process and extend to deliver boards to the downstream process. The units is equipped with a fail-safe safety system that continuously monitors the aisle traffic.

• Normally closed (retracted position)
• Motorized driven movement for smooth extension
• Aisle detection sensors to guarantee safety
• Motorized conveyor width adjustment
• Adjustable conveyor speed
• Antistatic belt
• Programmable extension stroke
• SMEMA interface
• ESD sliding covers with safety interlock
• Touch screen interface

Module specification
Length 1000 mm (max. 1950 mm extended)
Height 1050 mm
Width 820 mm
Color RAL 9016

PCB dimensions
Board length 75 - 508 mm (3” - 20”)
Board Width 50 - 460 mm (2” - 18”)
Board thickness 0.6 - 6 mm

PCB handling
Transport system Antistatic edge belts
Transport height 953 ±50 mm
Transport direction Left to right (Reverse flow as option)
Width adjustment Motorized width adjust system
Cycle time Approx. 15 sec
Conveyor speed Max. 15 m/min adjustable

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