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Genius 1-TL

Triple Magazine Loader

The GENIUS 1-TL Triple magazine loader is used when PC boards in magazines are required to be loaded into a production line. This unit is capable of handling three magazines that can easily be accessed from the side of the machine. It is used in medium to high volume applications that require large capacity storage.

• Single elevator platform drive for 3 magazines
• Motorized width adjustment
• User friendly touch screen display for function and alarm
• SMEMA interface
• ESD hinged cover with safety interlocks
• Configurable pitch selection
• Tower light and alarm

Module specification
Length 1290 mm
Height 1560 mm
Width 2211 mm
Color RAL 9016

PCB handling
Transport system Antistatic flat belt
Transport height 953 ±50 mm
Transport direction Left to right (reverse flow as option)
Width adjustment Motorized with adjust system
Conveyor speed Max. 15 m/min adjustable

PCB Dimensions
Board length 75 - 508 mm (3” - 20”)
Board Width 50 - 460 mm (2” - 18”)
Board thickness 0.6 - 6 mm

Magazine handling
Buffer capacity 3 magazines
Min magazine size CAB 701 / NIKKO NKAJ-0218R-G
Max magazine size CAB 707 / NIKKO NKAJ-0546R-G

Other sizes and types available upon request.

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