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Genius 1-WS

In-line Workstation

The GENIUS 1-WS Workstation can support a full array of workstation components. It can be arranged with just an inspect feature or be suited with a full assortment of lights, shelves, document holder, and other workstation components. The customer can mix and match which accessories best suits their individual needs. The module comes equipped with an ESD safe work surface and an operator inspect feature. The module can be configured to function with only one work position, or in combination with additional buffer sections.

• Motorized width adjust system
• Antistatic work surface
• Operator inspect feature
• SMEMA interface

Standard accessories
• Foot rest
• Suspension rail
• Steel shelve
• Light support with overhead light

Module specification
Length 1000 mm
Height 1933 mm
Width 1015 mm
Color RAL 9016

PCB dimensions
Board length 75 - 508 mm (3” - 20”)
Board Width 50 - 460 mm (2” - 18”)
Board thickness 0.6 - 6 mm

PCB handling
Transport system Antistatic edge belts
Transport height 953 ±50 mm
Transport direction Left to right (reverse flow as option)
Width adjustment Motorized
Cycle time Approx. 10 sec
Conveyor speed Max. 15 m/min adjustable

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