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KFPHIL  In-Line Preheater & Fluxing Machine

Automated Pre-Heat Fluxing machine in-line SMEMA compatible, Available in multiple configurations and sizes, Best suited for large board size, low-mix, highest productivity, OEM's and high run CM's, sequential processing.

The Selective Soldering process can be divided into 3 basic steps (fluxing, pre-heat, soldering). When all 3 steps are performed in one machine the total of the 3 steps determines the production rate, usually the fluxing and pre-heat time is approximately 50% of the production rate. By separating the fluxing and pre-heat from the soldering and performing both functions concurrently the production rate can be doubled. The KFPHIL fluxer/pre-heater coupled with our KISS-101, KISS-102 and KISS-103 selective soldering machine provide this capability.
The KFPHIL in-line fluxer/pre-heat unit is an intelligent dual purpose system that significantly reduces the process time by concurrently applying flux to the specific components to be soldered then pre-heating the board in preparation for soldering.

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