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LTS300 Automated Lead Tinning System

The LTS300 is a universal machine that will process all “T/H, SMT and QFP components”. The standard process stations include a recirculating fluxing station, a hot air pre-heat station, 2 solder pots, wash and dry stations. The standard T/H tooling will process all leaded devices and SMT chips while a vacuum tip processes.

Remove gold plating, replace RoHS finish with Sn/Pb, replace Sn/Pb finish with RoHS, refurbish legacy components and mitigate tin whiskers. The LTS300 from ACE Production Technologies is the newest addition to our Lead-Tinning family of automated equipment and will do it all with automation and robotic control. By using a two solder pot technology, you can remove the old finish on your components in the first solder pot along with all the contamination that make the components difficult to solder, then put on a new finish with the solder of your choice that matches your manufacturing processes.
The LTS300 system is the high-range automated lead-tinning system offered by ACE. It features two dynamic nitrogen inerted solder pots, (one dedicated to remove the old finish and any contamination while the other puts on a fresh layer of pure solder alloy), a dynamic flat wave fluxing station, a forced hot air pre-heat station, a heated DI recirculating wash station, a forced air component dryer, a hot nitrogen knife to blow off excess solder and a robotic chuck for presenting delicate components to the vacuum nozzle. A pallet holder accepts a wide variety of component specific pallets for ease of change-over, optimum control and reduced cost. If you have specific components that you don’t see a fixture to fit it, we can design and make custom fixtures. The change-over from vacuum pick to pallet processing takes less than 30 seconds. This is an extremely versatile system that will re-tin nearly all through-hole and surface mount components. All these systems are designed and manufactured in the United States.

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