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Summit II Series




750 1800 2200 LXI Summit II


The Summit 750 system was developed for users who demand the high performance characteristics of the Summit 1800 at a lower price. This has been achieved by converting some of the automated functions to manual operations without sacrificing the essential capabilities of the system. The system’s capabilities include QFP and BGA rework.


The Summit 1800i is the premier Surface Mount Rework system. It incorporates well established features and benefits common to all Summit systems plus introduces state-of the-art innovations to address the latest industry advancements and challenges. With a unique combination of versatility, performance, and reliability, the Summit 1800i provides superior heating, accuracy, and throughput for an unmatched value.


VJE Summit 2200 is a fully automated and programmable rework system. It is the latest in a series of systems equipped with a programmable motorized X-Y table, top heater height, pick-up tube, component theta, and site scavenging. These features combine to provide the highest process integrity and repeatability for aerospace, medical and other demanding environments.


Unlike other large board systems that are adapted versions of standard systems, the Summit LXi platform is the only rework system designed from the ground up to rework large boards. The LXi’s new enhanced control system eliminates the affects of facility variations and supports more precise calibration, allowing process parameters to be readily shared between systems in multiple locations.


Summit II combines the latest rework technologies and ergonomics with the throughput, accuracy and reliability of the renowned Summit product family. Summit II features a reduced footprint, yet larger board capacity with easy to adjust board support fixtures. Enhanced SierraMate software takes the popular user-friendly operation to the next level with a simple icon driven GUI and unmatched flexibility through easily customized operation sequences.

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