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FCT Assembly

FCT, 152N Water Soluble Flux

FCT, 152N Water Soluble Flux

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152N is an excellent water soluble liquid flux for selective soldering, wave soldering, and rework / touch-up operations. 152N is a moderate activity flux with neutral pH and it has no free acids. 152N is compatible with spray, foaming, and drop-jet type flux systems. 152N works well with leaded and lead-free alloys. 152N has been formulated to minimize foaming in water wash systems.

• Moderate activity, neutral pH water soluble flux for wave, selective, and rework / touch-up soldering.
• Works well for Sn63/Pb37, SAC305 and SN100C alloys.
• Easy to wash off with D.I. water and is low foaming.

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Shelf Life: 3 years

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55 gallon drum


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