SN100C Features & Benefits

Why Use SN100C?

Features and Benefits



SN100C is the only Pb-free solder that, like Sn-37pb, behaves like a eutectic:

                        • Sharp melting point
                          • High fluidity
                            • Fillets have bright smooth surface similar in appearance to Sn63-37Pb
                              • No shrinkage cracks
                                • Good performance in wave soldering
                                  • Ni stabilizes the Cu6Sn5 inter-metallic for greater reliability

                Appearance of SN100C matches that of Sn63-Pb37             





                The SN100C Advantages

                The Ni in SN100C incorporates in the inter-metallic Cu-Sn stabilizing to room temperature the close-packed hexagonal form of this phase so that the inter-facial layer does not crack as a result of the volume increase associated with that change. The suppression of growth of the inter-metallic layer is another consequence of the Ni stabilization.

                OSP Substrate

                After 2 reflow cycles and 500 hour @ 125 deg. C


                Ni Stabilized Interfacial Intermetallic


                Resistance to Vibration

                • SN100C outperforms Sn63PB37 and SAC alloys in severe vibration testing



                Impact Resistance of Joints to BGA Packages

                Shear Impact

                One of the main issues facing the IC packaging industry



                            • SN100C is a proven Pb-free solder and the #1 preferred alloy for through-hole soldering by OEM's / CM's worldwide.
                            • SN100C has been extensively studied as a lead free solder
                            • SN100C offers improved reliability
                            • Excellent Impact Resistance and Ductility

                            • Stable Inter-facial (IMC). Cracks and growth minimal

                            • Eutectic Solder

                            • Excellent Fluidity

                            • Superior corrosion resistance

                            • Minimal Whisker susceptibility

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