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FCT Assembly

FCT, NL932HF Lead Free No Clean Solder Paste

FCT, NL932HF Lead Free No Clean Solder Paste

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NL932HF is a halide free, lead free, no clean solder paste that allows for repeatability and consistency. NL932HF, combined with FCT Assembly's NanoSlic technology, delivers Surface Area Ratio (SAR) paste transfer efficiencies below 0.50 respectively. NL932HF is formulated to deliver exceptional cosmetics, especially when used in conjunction with Nihon Superior's SN100C patented lead free alloy. NL932HF can also be washed off in water under certain conditions. This product was designed to minimize graping issues in the reflow process. NL932HF is classified ROL0.


Minimizes graping in reflow
Wide reflow profile window with good solderability on various PCB surface finishes
Excellent cosmetics and a clear residue
Water washable under certain conditions
Low voiding and high reliability
Compatible in either nitrogen or air reflow
Halogen and halide free

Production Details

Shelf Life: Typically 6-9 months.

Standard Lead Time

In stock items ship within 24 hrs.  Out of stock items typically ship within 2 - 10 working days.

Optional Container Sizes /  Please call for price and availability:

30g Syringe, 100g Syringe, 600g cartridge, 800g Pro-Flo cartridge

Email: / Phone: 206-853-5050

 CALIFORNIA PROP 65 WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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